"A Transnational Collaborative Partnership on Sport, Health and Participation"

Final Outputs of the GoGolf Europe Project Available !

31.01.2018 08:29

We are delighted to introduce the final outputs developed through the GoGolf Europe project financed under the Erasmus+ Sport Programme.

Such achievements would have not been feasible without the strong commitment and contribution of the whole consortium.

We invite you to look at the main outputs which are concisely described and downloadable below.


Innovative Coaching Methodology - “P.L.A.Y.IN.G. - Play, Learning and Activity for Youth IN Golf

An innovative golf coaching methodology challenging traditional coaching and training concepts which emerged from desk research on the current availability of junior programmes, experience of the outcomes from such programmes and the belief that newcomers to the sport are keen to learn but are frequently limited by time and access to facilities.

The overall concept was to develop an original methodology to introduce golf to youth where the learning and retention of skills were fundamental, but which began with the sport and not the skills, focused on problem-solving tasks, not skill repetition, guided discovery rather than adopted a prescriptive doctrine.

The project adopted a philosophy that can allow the newcomer participant to appreciate the sport and its objectives before developing the skills and tactics necessary to play it.

Download the Ouput here


Guidelines to Enhance Youth Participation in Golf – “Golf: A Greenprint for the future

A set of guidelines on how the golf sector can enhance youth participation. Topics of these guidelines are recruitment, attitude to golf, promotional campaigns, welcoming new players, club environment, infrastructure and access, coaching strategy, golf course optimisation, club diversification, motoring process.

This Greenprint (a blueprint using a pun from golf terminology to make Greenprint) has been developed to assist golf organisations and institutions to develop context specific interventions and to adapt and learn from experiences over time.

They are intended primarily for golf federations, PGAs and individual clubs, especially across Europe, but they have wider relevance for states, NGOs, schools and other organisations worldwide that are considering developing interventions for youth participation, and they offer insights for sports other than golf.

Download the Output here


Literature review – “Golf: A fair way to human health and wellbeing?

This review examines how the golf sector might pursue more social sustainability, particularly around access and participation by young people, as a contribution to improved health and wellbeing.

The research questions addressed through this review are: How might golf contribute to health and wellbeing of people? · How can we improve access to and increase participation in golf, especially amongst youth? · How can we enhance the social sustainability of golf?

Whilst the golf sector has responded well to sustainability challenges in some areas, a strategic approach will ensure that the game of golf fulfils its potential to contribute to the development of a healthy and just society living within environmental limits, in line with contemporary concepts of sustainability. The review includes a set of practical recommendations.

Download the Output here


Literature review Executive Summary – “Golf: A fair way to human health and wellbeing?

An Executive Summary of the full literature review has been produced to reach the widest ring of stakeholders and spread the message as broadly as possible about the potential and evidence of the sport of golf. 

Dowload the Output here


Overview of Golf and Health – “Golf: On course for generations of healthy players

This overview is closely linked to the literature review but is intended to provide a stand alone document for those interested primarily in an assessment of the connections between golf and health. The overview seeks to explore:

  • What are the potential influences of golf on human health and wellbeing?
  • How can we strengthen the capacity of golf to enhance health and wellbeing?

This document investigates the context of health and wellbeing challenges, then examines how the sport of golf can influence health and wellbeing, and finally derives some recommendations to strengthen any positive influences of golf whilst supporting the golf sector itself.

Download the Output here


Research report evaluation of the GoGolf intervention – “An eagle eye on golf

This report outlines the results and analysis from the wide and ambitious participative research carried out through the project and during which youth perceptions of golf, barriers to participation and ways of overcoming these were assessed within the five participating countries.

The aim of this report is to evaluate and reflect on the GoGolf progamme influences on youth health and participation, coaching innovation, partnership and other outcomes, but also to identify lessons learned for the golf sector for how youth access and participation can be enhanced to release health benefits.

The analysis has been made from the inputs and contributions from over 640 trained youths and all involved local coaches active in the delivery and testing of the innovative coaching methodology.

Dowload the Output here


Research report evaluation of the GoGolf intervention – “An eagle eye on golf
(Executive Summary)

An Executive Summary of the full Research Report has been produced to reach the widest ring of stakeholders and spread the message and have the highest possible impact all over Europe and beyond. 

Download the Output here


An informational booklet for youth on healthy leaving and the sport of golf

This booklet provided a short summary of the key messages and testimonials around the sport of golf and its benefits on health and wellbeing. This booklet has been designed and developed for youth.

Download the Output here


An awareness raising Promotional Film

A 5 minute film has been professionally produced and was shown during the final conference of the project to promote the GoGolf initiative, to present the activities carried out through the project and underline some key findings.

It includes some testimonials from various stakeholders such as partners, local coaches having taking part in the delivery on the coaching methodology, Physical Education teachers, youths and GoGolf Ambassadors.

The idea of this film is to encourage other Federations and other sports to consider the implementation of a similar initiative to enable greater inclusion, access and opportunity for youth to engage with sport at grassroots level.

The film has been placed on YouTube and a direct link put on the GoGolf website to link to the video.

Watch the video: https://youtu.be/8MWD9kOrxVU 


Czech Golf Federation
Estonian Golf Association
Fédération Française de Golf
Koninklijke Nederlandse Golf Federatie
Portuguese Golf Federation
PGAs of Europe
University of St Andrews
European Observatoire of Sport and Employment