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Rare albatross for GoGolf Europe Ambassador

20.10.2017 18:52
Joost Luiten GoGolf Europe Ambassador

GoGolf Europe male ambassador from the professional game, Joost Luiten, hit a rare albatross on the way to a second place finish at the Andalucia Valderrama Masters. 

Joost’s albatross at the 11th at Valderrama came just a few months after a hole-in-one at the PGA Championship at Quail Hollow in the United States.

So how rare is a hole-in-one or an albatross?


According to the National Hole-in-One Registry, the odds of the average golfer making a hole-in-one are 12,000 to 1, although the odds of a Tour player making a hole-in-one is 3,000 to 1.

The average years of playing golf for a player before making a hole-in-one is 24. Sixteen per cent of holes in one are made by women.

An albatross:

An albatross is achieved when a player either gets a hole-in-one at a par 4, or scores a "2" on a par 5. The odds of getting an albatross are estimated at 1 million to one. 

Someone has to hit two great shots. You have to have length and ability. Only a small percentage of golfers, less than 10 per cent, ever reach a par 5 in two. That means 90 per cent of golfers don't have a chance of making one.

See Joost’s albatross here:



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