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Sustainability at Explorathon 2017: GoGolf goes public !

05.10.2017 14:11
Rehema White – Sustainability at Explorathon 2017: GoGolf goes public !

It was billed as “One Night, Unlimited Discovery”! Explorathon is an EU funded initiative supporting public engagement with research at several Scottish Universities. Over 1700 people chose to explore the research underway at the University of St Andrews on 29th September. There were interactive games, displays and plenty of questions to discuss. The Byre Theatre buzzed as visitors young and old moved through the stalls and attended events. One of the stalls showcased the research from GoGolf. This EU Erasmus+ co-funded programme is examining what the contributions of golf and of sport more widely might be to health and wellbeing, and exploring how we might increase access to and participation in golf for young people, in five European countries. These questions help us support the golf sector to address social sustainability challenges. Rehema White demonstrated how we design research tools to tackle our research objectives, and visitors had the chance to consider their attitudes to golf. One young boy said that he liked to play golf because it was calming. Other people talked about cultural differences in perceptions of golf. The stall also exhibited beautiful pictures of natural environments in Scotland, and a sample survey was available allowing people to test one way of measuring their degree of nature connection. We discussed how doing physical activity outdoors can add benefit, and children offered opinions on which natural environments they prefer. Several youngsters said that being at the seaside was more fun than being in the woods or on the mountains, because they could play in the sand and swim !


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