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GoGolf Europe Ambassador discusses benefits of golf for young people

01.08.2017 09:40
GoGolf Europe Ambassador

The Aberdeen Asset Management Ladies Scottish Open which recently took place in Ayeshire, Scotland, provided the opportunity to catch up with the female ambassador for the GoGolf Europe project, Isabelle Boineau of France.  The Ladies European Tour arranged for a photoshoot and short interview to take place to discuss with Isabelle some of the issues which are central to the GoGolf Europe project: the role of the coach, benefits of golf for young people and how the game can be made attractive to the next generation of golfers. 

Isabelle started playing at age nine and a half and it was the support (and candy bars!) provided by young coaches which motivated her to start playing the game. 

Isabelle went on to say that young people can learn a lot about themselves and grow as a person faster through playing golf – the challenge in the game develops both physical and mental skills. She also sees golf as a great way to get young people outside and away from TV and video games.

Finally Isabelle discussed potential ways to attract young people to golf, for example through having music at golf events, and making golf a little more laid back and relaxed when going to the course. 

The GoGolf Europe representative at the event thanked Isabelle and the Ladies European Tour for their time and was happy to give Isabelle a project leaflet and briefly discuss the project with her.

The interviews with the male and female ambassadors from the professional game, along with clips of youth coaching within the project provided by the national partners, will be used to make a GoGolf video to be shown at the final project conference in November 2017.


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