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Scramble golf competition in France! 7 June, 2017

23.06.2017 11:10
GoGolf France 02

In France, the youth GoGolf groups complete their last session ‘on the course’ together in a scramble competition. This year the competition was hosted at Golf Disneyland course, near Paris on 7th June. There were three teams, each of 22-26 youth, from different participating schools. Excitement was high, but the cool weather dampened initial nerves and the day got off to a good start. When they had completed their round, there was a rush to the driving range to let of steam with some big shots. A packed lunch for everyone refuelled the teams before the afternoon session. Coaches watched proudly as their groups performed well – after only the GoGolf 12 week programme, there was a good level of competence exhibited. Participants spoke of how the novel PLAYing GOLF coaching methodology had enabled youth to have more control over their own learning, and to work with each other in respect and cooperation. Throughout the day we saw youth playing golf, but also learning about the rules and regulations. One interesting feature about the GoGolf programme in France is that many youth choose to take the tests and gain certification as Young Officials. Indeed, the Scramble this year was organised and run by a team of very competent youth, graduates from the GoGolf programme last year. It is hoped that some of these youth may play a major role in the organisation of the Junior Ryder Cup in France. The GoGolf Programme has introduced many youth to the game of golf. Youths told us that they had realised that golf was not just physical exercise, but also a mental challenge. We saw that golf can be a sport, a value framework, an aid to education more widely, a means of social interaction and, of course, fun.


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