A Trans-national Collaborative Partnership on Sport, Health and Participation


GoGolf Europe will provide a unique opportunity for golf.

"Europe has excellent capacity for golf with over 6,700 courses, some 4.2 million club-registered golfers and at least another 3 million citizens already playing the sport, but that are non-club-registered. Nevertheless, we are facing significant challenges in effectively engaging young people to take up the sport and we are actively seeking innovative new solutions for growing youth participation."- Richard Heath, EGA. 


In parallel with the running of a broadly-focussed literature review about the health benefits of golf, an innovative coaching methodology will be designed and implemented through the GoGolf Europe project to provide and test a new access pathway to golf for youth aged 15 to 18 years. READ MORE



Czech Golf Federation
Estonian Golf Association
Fédération Française de Golf
Koninklijke Nederlandse Golf Federatie
Portuguese Golf Federation
PGAs of Europe
University of St Andrews
European Observatoire of Sport and Employment